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Night Invasion videos are all the rage these days. People love them because they remind them of good times from back in the day, or because they are just a good way to fantasize about a “touchy” subject. Even women come here looking for these videos because they remind them of their youth when men wanted so badly to play with their pussies.

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If you were under the impression that free swinging died with the 60’s or got snuffed out in the 80’s you are sadly mistaken. Each year a new group of open minded coeds find and they learn the art of having free sex. This is certainly not limited to any race, social class or age group. There are girls inviting their older professors home to have biseuxal sex with their boyfriends. There are girls that try making out for their first time. It is all done without pressure. Watch couples having threesome fun┬áin their POV self shot videos on!

Jane Doe #40

Where do I start with this little betty? I found her sleeping at a hostel in a private room. She forgot to lock the door. I love to troll hostels because they are loaded with younger girls that are legally able to fuck. Most of them are looking for an excuse to cum. I give them about seven inches of an excuse and most of the time they are begging me to fuck them when they wake up.

You have to go slow with girls when they are sleeping. Slowly lick their pussies. Slowly toy with their buttholes, but not before you get your finger super wet! If you play your cards right you will score with sleeping sex every time you try it!

Jane Doe #38

Can you say nubile pussy? When I found this blonde cutie I knew I was in for a good time. I had no idea just how good of time it would be until I pulled up her nightie to reveal her bald beaver. It looked so delicious I couldn’t help myself. I had to have a taste. Not being an asshole I also gave her a taste of my cock. I almost came in her mouth!

Over and over again I run into this problem. The girls are just way too damn hot to keep my nutsack from taking over my mind. Luckily when this girl woke up she wasn’t pissed off and she finished my blowjob before letting me fuck her brains out.

Jane Doe #22

Some girls are not as hairy as others. I once pulled down the sheets on a girl that was sleeping only to find her jungle bush was so out of control it grew from her belly button to her asshole. It even grew a few inches down her legs. Needless to say that night I went without!

Tonight’s Jane Doe #22 was a bit of a surprise. Sure her bush was natural, but it was just wispy, not Chubaka style. I enjoyed licking her sweet pussy before I plowed my cock into her. We are talking one tight vagina!

Jane Doe #84

Yet another unsuspecting victim gets a notch in the Night Invasion bed post. This girl was sound asleep until I started fingering her clit. As her pussy got wet I decided to slip a finger in and was surprised at how insanely tight her snatch was. I tried two fingers, but it wouldn’t take them so I kept friggin her pussy with one until it loosened up.

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Have you ever played with a girls pussy while she is sleeping? I am sure you have thought about doing it, but actually doing it is a whole different thing entirely.

If you are good at it you can get her to incorporate your pussy play into her dreams. When I was playing with this sleeping beauties pussy she starting moving her mouth like she was sucking cock in her dream. What was I to do? I pulled it out and let her suck it!

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The hardest part about videotaping your girlfriend while she is sleeping naked is not touching her. I know this because I have failed at it more than once. Each and every time I try to restrict myself to just filming her the next thing I know my dick is in her mouth. My hands are all over her tits. Soon my cock is up her ass or inside or vagina or both – no, not at the same time!

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This chubby girl was afraid of losing her boyfriend to a skinnier girl so she decided to up the ante on their sex life. She made this amateur gf masturbation video in a bid to keep him firmly rooted to her vagina.

Instead of staying with this girl he eventually parted ways and uploaded the video to an exgf porn tube. Now you can watch her rub her pussy to orgasm along with the rest of the world.

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The Internet is changing as technology progresses. My cell phone has more screen resolution than my first laptop did. Not only that, it also has four times the memory and a mini-SD card that holds four times the data than my first laptops hard drive!

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Jane Doe #19

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