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Jane Doe #35

I had been spying on this college coed for months before I finally worked up the courage to enter her apartment for a Night Invasion. We talked several times and got to know each other some what before the night I finally took the plunge. She told me that she had sexual dreams a lot since she wasn’t going steady with anyone.

That was all I needed to know and I helped her along on her dream by rubbing her already soaking wet pussy. Soon she was fucking against my hand and SHE CALLED OUT MY NAME! WTF? She had been dreaming about ME this entire time! It was time to give her the hot salami!

Jane Doe #17

I keep coming back to this ┬ávideo over and over again. I shot it when I noticed my neighbor liked to walk around her house with the curtains open wearing only panties and a shirt. I guess you could call me a peeping Tom or a creep… but would you have passed up the opportunity to spy on this girl? I think not!

In the member’s area I have tons of video of this chick and many more peeping Tom videos. If you like seeing girls and women prance around in their underwear without knowing anyone is watching them, then you have come to the right place. While I usually surprise the babes I video tape by playing with them while they sleep, sometimes its better to look and not touch.


Jane Doe #64

I spied this brunette coed a few times before. She loves to masturbate before going to bed so I figured out her schedule and adjusted mine accordingly.

Hot summer nights in Los Angeles are the best. Chicks leave their curtains open and even their windows open trying to let in a cool breeze. Sometimes they let more than a cool breeze in when I feel like touching them as they sleep. Some way up, some stay asleep. So far I haven’t had one that called the cops on me. LOL

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