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Jane Doe #54

On this night I found a college coed sleeping in my bed. How fucking awesome is that? My fraternity throws a lot of parties so it isn’t like this doesn’t happen all of the time, but every time it does, I am still amazed!

Her tight little ass was calling to me so I reached a hand up her shorts. Boy did she ever pick the wrong place to sleep!

It didn’t take long before I had her shorts half way down her legs. My cock was so fucking hard! I ended up teasing her sleeping mouth with it just before rubbing it all over her butt hole. Once my precum got everything wet my cock just kind of slipped in!

Jane Doe #64

I spied this brunette coed a few times before. She loves to masturbate before going to bed so I figured out her schedule and adjusted mine accordingly.

Hot summer nights in Los Angeles are the best. Chicks leave their curtains open and even their windows open trying to let in a cool breeze. Sometimes they let more than a cool breeze in when I feel like touching them as they sleep. Some way up, some stay asleep. So far I haven’t had one that called the cops on me. LOL

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Jane Doe #04

This is a coed I met one night at a bar. She seemed pretty into me and I wanted to get to know her better so I followed her home and started rolling this tape. She called one of her girlfriends and started chatting about the hot guy she met earlier in the evening. Nice, she was into me! What she didn’t know was that hot guy was spying on her luscious ass cheeks and came all the side of her house as he dreamed of plowing his cock through them.

After several nights of dreaming I worked up the courage to make my way into her apartment. Seeing her lying in her bed made my cock harder than a crowbar!

Jane Doe #01

I have to admit, before I stuck my cock into Jane Doe #01 I hadn’t ever really thought much about fucking a black girl!

Banging this ebony babe was a trip. I had never peeped on a black girl before and I guess curiosity got the best of me. Her tits were nice and her booty was fantastic, but it was that shaved pussy of hers that sealed the deal! I had to perform some of my best moves to keep her from thinking I was some sex crazed creep (which I guess I was)!