Jane Doe #78

This video gets me so hot every time I watch it. So much so that I get jealous of letting you guys watch it!

I found this girl wearing a little skimpy nightie while prowling the college dorms by my pad. She was snoring, but not like a fucking chainsaw. It was a quiet cute snore. I always love this because it lets me know if a girl is waking up with my finger in her pussy!

I didn’t make this site to be a hidden cave for my nightly exploits. I made it to share my passion for watching women without them knowing with other guys also interested in such things. Enjoy!

Jane Doe #83

Oh man… Watching this video will make you feel really dirty. Like you are some kind of pervert from another dimension. This hottie has some pierced nipples on top of her perky little boobs and a cleft of Venus you won’t believe. Her pussy is so fucking tight you find yourself wondering how your cock is supposed to fit into the damn thing!

With a night vision camera and a shit-ton of guts the Night Invasion crew find scantly clad sleepers and wake them up rude husband style!

Jane Doe #47

Oh Jesus it is jungle fever time!

This hot ebony babe has some dick sucking lips and a very sweet cunny. Her pussy is so fucking sweet I want to marry the broad! She also has a nice black ass and some tits you want to fuck the hell out of.

The Night Invasion crew caught her catching twenty winks. That is when we all winked at one another and then took turns turning her pussy into our person fuck toy!

Jane Doe #106

You know how it is. Your better half gets a little sloshed and tired, but your cock isn’t sleepy at all. So you make a deal with your sleepy beauty. If she responds to your sucking on her clit with a wet vagina, the dog is going to get to bone. And as usual… She barely makes a peep so it is time to give this lassie the hot beef injection!

Night Invasion is where you go when the night is getting old and the day is very young. Apparently that cookie-cutter bullshit isn’t working out for you, so it is time to try some good old fashioned sleeping sex!

Jane Doe #101

I’m always excited she I get to play with a sleeping girls boobs. Things get really intense when I have to move a girls arm out of the way so I can spy her tiny cunny. This cutie pie almost woke up when I moved her arm, but it was so worth it. Her tight little pussy looked like it would actually hurt to put my cock inside it!

There is only one way to find out!…

Jane Doe #35

I had been spying on this college coed for months before I finally worked up the courage to enter her apartment for a Night Invasion. We talked several times and got to know each other some what before the night I finally took the plunge. She told me that she had sexual dreams a lot since she wasn’t going steady with anyone.

That was all I needed to know and I helped her along on her dream by rubbing her already soaking wet pussy. Soon she was fucking against my hand and SHE CALLED OUT MY NAME! WTF? She had been dreaming about ME this entire time! It was time to give her the hot salami!

Jane Doe #121

Some Night Invasion videos make me feel more perverted than others. If I had a gun to my head and needed to put a one word title on this particular video I’d have to call it “Creeper,” because I felt really disturbed when I shot it!

This girl came over to my apartment with some friends of hers. We all got pretty drunk and after a while she fell asleep in my bed while I partied her friends under the table. Well, actually make that I partied them to the couch… Where they slept!

So that left me alone with my cute little toy. This girl couldn’t have been taller than 5’2″. A real shorty with a really nice beaver!

Jane Doe #77

About a week ago a buddy of mine invited me over to watch Monday Night Football. The strange thing is that he also has his little sister staying with him. She is the product of one of his dad’s other marriages. Like most nineteen year old girls she is a hottie. Like super duper fuck material hot!

Everybody got pretty drunk so my buddy suggested I stay over instead of drive. I slept on the couch, but once my bro went to sleep and I heard him snoring away, I went to my car and got my camera. It was time to play Night Invasion with his lil’sis!

I have seen a lot of pussy in my years, but nothing like what this girl had. Well, not for a long time anyway… She shaved her pussy so bare I couldn’t even find a hair¬†follicle! Talk about your virgin pussy!

Jane Doe #121

This is my neighbors daughter. She is kind of a freak bitch. She got her nipples pierced a while ago and the only reason I know about it is, this crazy bitch flashed her tits at the bar the other night!

With Halloween coming up I figured this would be a good time to post this Night Invasion video. She got drunk at the bar and fell asleep without locking her backdoor. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her wearing her costume top still. She had her panties off before I got there. Bummer. I was hoping to see her in them!

Jane Doe #123

So I invited this cute little college girl over to spend the night and acted all gentlemen like all night long. She actually believed me when I said we shouldn’t have sex yet! LOL

Once she passed out I set up the video camera in my room with the night vision turned on. It was time for a Night Invasion! You won’t believe how perky this girls tits are. Or how wet and tight her bald pussy is. Just as I figured she went to bed hornier than ever and more than willing to fuck!

Jane Doe #17

I keep coming back to this ¬†video over and over again. I shot it when I noticed my neighbor liked to walk around her house with the curtains open wearing only panties and a shirt. I guess you could call me a peeping Tom or a creep… but would you have passed up the opportunity to spy on this girl? I think not!

In the member’s area I have tons of video of this chick and many more peeping Tom videos. If you like seeing girls and women prance around in their underwear without knowing anyone is watching them, then you have come to the right place. While I usually surprise the babes I video tape by playing with them while they sleep, sometimes its better to look and not touch.


Jane Doe #61

Where do I start with this one? Sheesh!

I found this young hottie sleeping on a hot summer night with the window open. She was wearing a satin chemise and some see through lace lined panties. She looked so fucking hot sleeping in her bed, I had to have a closer look at her.

This little cutie got restless from time to time, but I like it when girls roll over and show me every side. This girls nipples were tasty and once they got hard I figured it was time to run my tongue through her vagina and nibble on her hard little clit!

Jane Doe #54

On this night I found a college coed sleeping in my bed. How fucking awesome is that? My fraternity throws a lot of parties so it isn’t like this doesn’t happen all of the time, but every time it does, I am still amazed!

Her tight little ass was calling to me so I reached a hand up her shorts. Boy did she ever pick the wrong place to sleep!

It didn’t take long before I had her shorts half way down her legs. My cock was so fucking hard! I ended up teasing her sleeping mouth with it just before rubbing it all over her butt hole. Once my precum got everything wet my cock just kind of slipped in!

Jane Doe #64

I spied this brunette coed a few times before. She loves to masturbate before going to bed so I figured out her schedule and adjusted mine accordingly.

Hot summer nights in Los Angeles are the best. Chicks leave their curtains open and even their windows open trying to let in a cool breeze. Sometimes they let more than a cool breeze in when I feel like touching them as they sleep. Some way up, some stay asleep. So far I haven’t had one that called the cops on me. LOL

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